Five Purchases I Made in 2022 That Made Me a Better Person — and Can Make You One Too

Jon Clemence
7 min readDec 16, 2022
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Among the driving forces in my life are incessant goal-setting and the pursuit of personal growth. For whatever reason, I am the type of guy who is constantly trying to better himself. I just can’t live any other way; I don’t have it in me to coast through life or settle for “good enough.”

Therefore, I put a lot of time and effort every year into achieving goals and self-growth. I try lots of new ideas, buy various new products and services, and read as many books as my schedule allows just to try to continually become a better version of who I used to be.

And it should come as no surprise that, like anything, certain things bubble to the top — the things that made a significant contribution to my life for the year (i.e., the 20% that did 80% of the work). Now, for this article, I’m going to limit myself to purchases as opposed to ideas, experiences, relationships, etc. (if nothing else to keep it short enough to read!), so what follows is my list of the top five things I bought in 2022 that helped me become a better person.

I’m sharing them because there just might be one on the list that could help you too. So feel free to peruse the list, take what is applicable, and enjoy reading about the rest.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may you have a growth-filled 2023!

Copy Me That

I’m the cook in my family. I have been since I got married. And while I enjoy cooking, meal planning has always been stressful for me. Sitting in front of a blank menu page for the week wondering what to make for the next seven nights, each and every week, can feel like a Sisyphean task. And once the meal plan was created, then there was the process of opening up a bunch of cookbooks to find the recipe and figure out which ingredients I needed to buy at the store. It’s not that any of this is especially arduous, but it is half an hour of creativity, research, and decision-making each week that I didn’t look forward to and would prefer to use on something else.

Enter Copy Me That. This app is a recipe catalog, meal planner, and grocery list all wrapped into one. Once I put in a recipe, I can add it to the calendar and choose which ingredients I…

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