New Guitar Day: Epiphone SG PRO Edition

Screenshot of a text message conversation.
I’m not the only person who thinks my new guitar is sick. My friend Esther thinks so too.

Making the trade

I was browsing around the store and saw what looked to be a new Epiphone SG for sale. The price tag indicated a potential trade, so I picked it up and played it for a while. I could tell it was a very nicely made guitar.

Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 G-400 PRO

It took a little digging to figure out exactly which guitar I now owned. Part of the problem is that Epiphone doesn’t call their SGs by that name. In this case, the official model number is G-400.

This is a great guitar — full stop

Sometimes you luck into things, and I feel like this was the case here. I knew the guitar was good, but I didn’t realize how good it was until I got it home, set it up properly, and ran it through my rig. That’s when it outpaced my expectations.

Picture of an Epiphone SG (model G-400).
Now I can finally proclaim to whomever might be listening that rock and roll ain’t noise pollution.



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Jon Clemence

Jon Clemence

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