What’s Your Dream Guitar?

A cupcake with a single lit candle.

Hey, it’s my birthday!

That’s right — I’ve successfully not died for yet another trip around the sun. I have avoided being mauled by a bear, having a piano drop out of the sky on top of me, and falling off the nearest cliff, to name just a few dangers out there — dangers that are lurking around every corner.

Okay, that’s a little melodramatic, I admit. It’s honestly not that big of a deal. I have a few simple celebrations in order, but when you’re my age, birthdays feel like less of an achievement each year.

My family normally does not splurge on big-ticket birthday gifts, either, and I’m usually quite content with buying myself a fancy coffee and having a few friends over. (My wife and I did make an exception when we each turned 40, however. I bought — what else — a new guitar.)

But I do like window shopping. (Pretending to have money is the best!) So in honor of my birthday, I thought I would make a list of the gear I would buy myself if money (and space) were no object. I’d love to hear what would be on your dream birthday list, so leave yours in the comments!

Note: I’ve linked to product listings for each item for reference, but they aren’t affiliate links.

1. PRS Vela

This is my unicorn. I absolutely love this guitar. If I could justify the $1500–2000 price tag, I would pull the trigger in a heartbeat. But even used they are going for $1000+, so it will remain my dream guitar for the time being.

2. Gibson Les Paul Tribute

Gibson has recently developed some really nice guitars in the $1000–1500 price range called the Tribute series. From what I can tell, they offer the real-deal Gibson experience without a lot of the “extras” (like fretboard binding, for example). I like the stripped-down, natural look and would be really interested in having one someday. But for now, my new Epiphone will have to do.

3. Fender Blues Jr.

I have a Chinese clone of this amp that is amazing and cost a quarter of the price of the real thing. As near as I can tell, the only difference is that the Blues Jr. has the word “Fender” on it. But they are still super cool!

4. TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay Pedal

Okay, this one isn’t even expensive. I already own the Flashback Mini, but I would like to upgrade to its big brother one of these days. TC Electronic makes great pedals, by the way, and their app allows you to beam an almost infinite number of sounds straight to your pedalboard.

5. Acoustic Guitar Kit

Someday I will have the time to be able to devote to building my own acoustic guitar. I would love to get a nice kit from a place like StewMac and just dive in. I can tell you from experience that building a guitar is generally much more expensive than buying one, but the learning and sense of achievement are often worth the extra cost.

So that’s my birthday dream list — the presents I would buy myself if my last name were Musk or Bezos. What about you? What’s your dream guitar, amp, pedal, or accessory?

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